Dear Friends,

Please explore these many wonderful organizations, businesses and extremely talented artists. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.~Alisa


  • ALEX DEGRASSI Guitarist. Recording Artist. Producer of Closing The Distance.
  • TIM RAYBORN Multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and writer and guest artist on Closing The Distance.
  • VINCE DELGADO Incredible percussionist on Closing The Distance.
  • IAN DOGOLE Percussionist extrordinaire on Closing The Distance. Teacher at the Sierra Jazz Society’s Summer Jazz Camp.
  • BILL DOUGLASS Righteous upright bass player on Closing The Distance. Also a teacher at the Sierra Jazz Society’s

Summer Jazz Camp

  • ELIAS LAMMAM A superb guest vocalist on Closing The Distance.
  • STEVE LOEBS Big Sur percussionist, drummer, and guest player on Closing The Distance
  • KEITH GREENINGER Soulful, upbeat singer/songwriter, groove meister, former member of City Folk and long-time friend of Alisa and KimbalL.
  • CITY FOLK A great California trio who still get together from time to time for concerts.
  • LAYNE REDMOND Alisa studied frame drum with Layne – a gifted teacher and performer.
  • BARRY & SHELLEY PHILLIPS A remarkable, soulful California pairing of two great musicians.
  • PAUL REISLER Gifted songwriter, guitar player and teacher offering excellent songwriting workshops throughout the country. Often accompanied by his profoundly inspiring wife/actress/writer and teacher Julie Portman. Alisa performs with Paul whenever she can.


  • KINDWEB.COM Music Resources, Band Links, Musicians Finder, Events Calendar, Venues Finder, Activism, Natural Health, a Great Search Engine, and more…
  • WESOUNDLIKE.COM Find more music like your favorite artists’ at!
  • MUSICSUBMIT.COM A website and press release submission service for the musician.
  • FREEMP3MAIL.COM Get links to free MP3’s in your email.
  • TRAUGOTT GUITARS Alisa and Kimball number among the many proud owners of these extrordinary guitars.
  • OASIS CD MANUFACTURING Excellent and professional services with accessible and friendly help, especially devoted to independent artists.



  • JENNIFER BEREZAN Alisa has participated in transformative community ritual events organized and produced by the dedicated singer/songwriter/teacher Jennifer Berezan, that have included Eve Ensler, Linda Tillery, Alice Walker, Patti Cathcart, Gloria Steinem, Nina Gerber, Jami Seiber, and Chris Webster, among others.
  • PROJECT SHEBA Founded by Miri Hunter Haruach (dancer, actress, musician, activist and more), promoting education, spirituality and creative expressions of the human spirit.
  • PROJECT BANDALOOP An areial dance company that honors nature, community and the human spirit.


  • YAELAH “Celebrating the transformative power of song.”
  • SHEVA A world music ensemble performing original music with roots in Hebrew and Arabic cultures, as well as tribal cultures.
  • SHUVANI A music and dance emsemble inspired by the Roma “Gypsy” Trail: India, Turkey, Egypt and Spain.


  • N.R.D.C. The Natural Resources Defense Council, dedicated to saving Earth’s endangered wild places.
  • MOVEON.ORG A grassroots political action group proving we can make a difference.
  • THE NATIONAL COALITION BUILDING INSTITUTE (NCBI) A nonprofit leadership training organization based in Washington, D.C. Since 1984, NCBI has been working to eliminate prejudice and intergroup conflict in communities throughout the world.
  • BLACK BOX VOTING Consumer protection for elections.
  • COMMON DREAMS A watch-dog organization for voter reform.
  • THE TRUTH IS OUT More alternative news coverage, empowering American citizenry.


  • COSY SHERIDAN Excellent commentary via songwriting and performance on women’s body and psyche issues in society. Cosy is the author of the one-woman show, The Pomegranate Seed.
  • HARMONY AND WOMEN’S HEALTH Groundbreaking studies in women’s health and well-being by Dr. Deborah Metzger, OBGYN and Endocrinologist